Eleven For Advertisers (DSP)

The world's only Demand Side Platform for branded entertainment



  Eleven For Advertisers (DSP)

The world's only Demand Side Platform for branded entertainment


A DSP for Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment is the premier way for brands to reach niche audiences at scale.  

Eleven for Advertisers (Eleven DSP)  provides unmatched branded entertainment options, and access to 100% Opt-in, viewership across any digital video platform. 

Traditional Influencer Marketing does not bring together the best Media Entertainment Companies with leaders in Digital Video Entertainment to create Branded Entertainment campaigns that our preform TV on Target Rating Points, OTS, reach, and 20 other key data points to increase the effectiveness of your media buys.


An End to End Solution.

Eleven For Advertisers ("EFA") is jam-packed with all the bells and whistles brands & agencies need to plan, buy, execute, and assess branded entertainment at scale.

Campaign Optimization

EFA enables brands & agencies to plan and to optimize traditional media production and placement budgets by positioning Creator Channels as TV channels within the traditional ad-tech stack.

Branded Content for Any Marketing Strategy

Eleven for Advertisers (EFA) provides a variety of content formats tailored for specific media objectives. Whether it's a weeklong influence sprint, or a full season of brand integrations. 

We've got you covered. 

High Quality Inventory Straight From the Source

Advertisers don’t have to worry about avoiding low-quality inventory from third party suppliers.

All inventory on Eleven is sourced directly from publishers who are creating and managing their branded content inventory with our industry-leading supply-side platform, Eleven for Publishers.

Analytics Galore 

With analytics that measure everything from content performance to in depth audience targeting and sentiment analysis, advertisers can optimize placements to maximize budgets and hit their KPI's with ease.


The Eleven DSP It is compatible with existing Ad-Tech, Media Buying/Planning softwares, as well as Influencer Mar-Tech so everyone can access Eleven from their preferred platforms & tools and vice versa.