Our Mission

Our mission is to make Branded Content the most viable form of media investment for Both publishers and advertisers Alike - across every distribution channel.

The Media Industry is rampant with fraud and Brands are losing BILLIONS of dollars in the age of uninterrupted entertainment.

Since consumers prefer content over ads in the age of Netflix, brands must place their messages into content authentically at scale to reach their target consumers.

Eleven Digital is building the marketplace to buy and sell branded content at scale.

Our technology is going to do for branded content everywhere what Google Doubleclick did for display advertising on the internet.

ELEVEN creates a win-win-WIN environment for both publishers and advertisers that Consumers Enjoy AT SCALE.


Built To Win

Eleven Digital is the Doubleclick for Branded Content because we aggregate all the relationships one would need for buying branded content anywhere in 1 easy to use system.

— Elkanah Reed, Founder