The Branded Content Industry

Branded Content (also known as Branded Entertainment) is a $100B+ global industry in 2018.

Global branded content marketing revenues rose 8.0% to $106.20 billion in 2017, fueled by the ninth consecutive year of double-digit growth in product placement and consumer content marketing revenues worldwide, according to a new report released by PQ Media

According to PQ Media, “Global branded content revenues grew at twice the rate of overall advertising & marketing revenues in 2017, surpassing $100 billion for the first time ever as brand marketers shift investments to media channels that demonstrate the ability to engage target consumers, create emotional connections and increase sales, despite strong headwinds negatively impacting various digital and traditional media.”

In 2017, brand marketers are critical of disruptive ad formats due to the advent of fake news, ad fraud, ad placement near content that is not brand safe, and the increase in ad blocker use.

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April 2018

Brand marketers have increased their use of branded [content] platforms, including consumer experiential marketing, product placement and consumer content marketing, which have continued to gain acceptance worldwide.

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Global Branded Content Marketing Projected Revenues (in Billions of $)


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Adults ages 22 to 45 years old

47% of Adults ages 22-45 are consuming TV content and video on streaming platforms that didn't exist. Less than one-third of the TV and video watched by millennials and Gen Xers is accounted for by traditional measurements