ELEVEN’s enables media companies, brands, and agencies to win the war for attention together.

ELEVEN’s technology enables media companies, brands, and agencies to win the war for attention together in the most cost effective way.

This post is dedicated to showing why ELEVEN is the technology partner to help Global Luxury Brands quickly modernize their media buying strategy in the age of uninterrupted entertainment using our technology.

Why is this important now?

The US creates the context in which consumers globally evaluate what luxury means at scale.

The Top 10 Media Companies by market cap are 90% US Based. The US is the world leader in innovation within media, and ELEVEN Digital, Inc. is developing technology to enable the US to retain its competitive advantage.

US Agencies are uniquely positioned to help strong luxury brands - like CHANEL who are modernizing their communication to reach millenials at scale - navigate a rapidly changing media landscape effectively.

Branded Content must be authentic to be effective.

Chanel knows this and has invested in building a relationship with its audience through Pharrell Williams since 2014.

The video below is an excellent example of branded content that is evergreen. It’s still generating views (7 Million 100% Opt-In Views and counting) because it created a cultural moment with CHANEL as the focus.

CHANEL knows that - like its own investment in its brand stewardship- investing in branded content at scale is an evergreen investment. An evergreen investment continually pays dividends to the media owner long after other forms of disruptive ads have ceased producing commercial value for brands.

CHANEL recently released its own capsule collection with Pharrell Williams anchored by $9.62B in gross revenue in 2018. Pharrell Williams is a US artist with global appeal. Pharrell consistently produces media for his large captive audience across a multitude of distribution channels including Beats1 Radio on Apple, Instagram, and Youtube that is shared across a multitude of websites because Pharrell creates culture.

Now, if you are not a Millenial you may not know who Pharell is.

However I know you know his work.

With over 1.05 BILLION organic views on 1 video on Youtube, Pharrell has institutionalized himself as a multi-generational icon.

Therefore, with CHANEL’s latest branded content campaign. CHANEL is hitting millenials at scale through using Pharrell’s own channels and their own branded content vehicles.

Our goal at ELEVEN to enable publishers and advertisers to work together like never before to activate branded content campaigns across every distribution channel.

Those Brands who invest in branded content at scale position themselves to make a lot of money.

According to Bain, “In 2018, Generations Y and Z contributed 100 percent to total luxury market growth, compared with 85 percent in 2017” (Bain, 2018). This market is worth €260 billion in 2018 (Bain, 2018).

ELEVEN helps advertisers quickly discover where captive youthful audiences are spending their time consistently with their media at scale. ELEVEN exponentially improves the process of discovery for advertisers while cutting the sales cost behind branded content for publishers that consumers love for a win-win-win.

ELEVEN’s technology helps publishers and advertisers succeed like never before in a rapidly shifting media landscape where content wins exponentially over ads.

We deliver on the following touch points that Bain cites that Brands focused on growing profits within the Luxury Goods Market Globally must optimize on to win in 2019 and beyond:

  1. A more youthful market will disrupt luxury’s growth path – New generations will be the primary engine of growth in the coming years.  Generation Z and Millennials (i.e. Gen Y) will represent approximately 55 percent of the 2025 market and will contribute 130 percent of market growth over the period.

  2. Cultures and subcultures will take over consumption trends – Evolving cultures (religion, ethnicity) and subcultures (minorities) will shape fashion and luxury in 2025.  Cultural and subculture groups will increasingly gain influence over consumer trends. Luxury brands will have to acknowledge and address them to remain relevant.

  3. One market to serve markets of one – Brands in 2025 will experience a cross-over of typical competitive boundaries.  The standard model where brands grow to become either the specialist in a category or diversified towards lifestyle positioning will be taken to the extremes. 

  4. Nimble is the new black – This year confirmed the recent trend of higher profitability – from 19 percent EBIT margin in 2017 to 20 percent in 2018.  However, the digital disruption will continue to shift the profiles of key expenditures in brands’ P&L.  Profitability will stabilize assuming brands adopt a more “nimble” approach across the value chain. 

This is just one example of how ELEVEN helps everyone win in the age uninterrupted entertainment.

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Elkanah Reed