Advertising in 2020 & Beyond | What We Believe

2019 is the warm up because the shift in how target audiences want to be engaged with advertising at scale has already happened.

The 73 Million Millennials in America outnumber Baby Boomers in 2019, and Gen X will outnumber Baby Boomers in 2028 (Washington Post, 2019).

Moreover, nearly half of Millennials and GenX do not watch TV according to AD Age (Ad Age, 2017).

This is important right now because advertisers and publishers are not optimized to win in today’s media environment.

At the same time according to the Brookings Institute, ‘Millennials global annual aggregate income will reign through 2030 ($ trillions)’ (Brookings, 2018).

ELEVEN knows that in order to enable Ad investments to generate the ROI brands expect at scale today, Brands must change the way they spend their Ad dollars at scale.

ELEVEN is here to help publishers and advertisers win.

Now let’s talk about Advertising.

ELEVEN believes that advertising is an investment that powers top line growth for brands when it is optimized in sync with all of the other moving pieces of an organization.

ELEVEN Digital, Inc. is building technology to optimize every investment in media that targets millennials who are spending $200B per year on goods and services in America to maximize its impact for media buyers and media owners alike.At ELEVEN Digital, Inc. we believe that branded content is the bedrock of a strong brand. Moreover, ELEVEN believes “[s]trong brands have long shelf lives and provide a company with sustained cash flow. Brands [who invest in branded content] maintain a high level of trust and customer loyalty. Companies with strong brands simply have insurmountable marketplace position” (Forbes, 2019).

This is why our technology makes buying branded content as easy as display advertising.

Display advertising is broken. Now is the time for everyone to optimize around branded content.

In 2019, everyone in media has known for several years that branded content is better at driving an ROI for advertisers than display. Check out these highlights from a joint study from IPG MediaLab, Forbes and Syracuse University's Newhouse School in 2016 (AdWeek, 2016):

  • Brand recall is 59 percent higher for branded content than display and native ads.

  • Consumers are 14 percent more likely to look for additional content from a company after a single impression of branded content.

  • Branded content is getting better, showing a 17 percent improvement in brand recall compared to a similar study in 2013 by the same trio of players.

However, the challenge with activating this powerful ad unit at scale is that it is very hard to discover the right opportunities for advertisers in a rapidly changing media environment. Simultaneously, it is hard for publishers to justify the high cost of sale at scale without a consistent stream of revenue to match.

ELEVEN solves both of these problems in 1 marketplace.

ELEVEN is building the 1st Marketplace for Premium Branded Content.

Our Marketplace For Premium Branded Content:

  1. Makes Branded Content Opportunity Discovery Across Every Distribution Channel Easy

  2. Creates Positive Economies of Scale for Advertisers & Publishers Alike Across Every Distribution Channel

  3. Drives Down Sales Cost for Publishers

  4. Drives Down Buyer Cost for Advertisers

  5. Makes Advertising Enjoyable for Consumers

ELEVEN is supported by the greatest minds in Media, Technology and Advertising.

Check out our Team here backed by 4 years of R&D.

The Future of Advertising is now.

Elkanah Reed