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This is why this is important now.

Raised on digital media, Millennials are experiencing ad fatigue. Eleven Digital, Inc. is building a platform to connect publishers and advertisers to create win-win-win scenarios where consumers opt-in to ads because they are integrated into the content they love.
— -Elkanah Reed

The Media Industry is rampant with fraud and Brands are losing Billions of dollars in the age of uninterrupted entertainment. At same time publishers have invested billion in content without making money. Layoffs and consolidations within the media space abound. Consumer media consumption habits have shifted and brands must update their communication strategies in order to secure the attention necessary to drive revenue in 2019 and beyond.

Media & Entertainment is ripe for disruption. We are ones do it well. CB Insights interviewed 677 Corporate Strategy Executives with 65.7% of those interviewed coming from organizations earning more than $1B in revenue annually.

The executives who participated in the study shared the following viewpoint in 2018:

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Video Streaming makes up 58% of Internet usage worldwide. Right now, 55% of American Households subscribe to at least one video streaming service and are spending over $2.1 Billion dollars a month to avoid ads. Simultaneously, media companies are investing billion of dollars on creating content without a clear plan for monetization. This is why in 2019, Verizon Media laid off close to 7% of their workforce with the mandate to save $10 billion in cash by 2021. This problem is not just within older media companies, new media companies suffer from the same lack of monetization. On Jan 23, 2019 the New York Times writes that BuzzFeed plans to lay off 15% of its workforce as it aims to turn a profit. This is happening in the same landscape that P&G (the largest advertiser in America) has called for its advertising partners to create the next generation of digital ads that consumers actually watch instead of ignore. In 2017 P&G cut $200M in ad spend due to the fact its ads were not reaching its target audience effectively. Eleven Digital, Inc.’s marketplace enables P&G and every advertiser who desires to win in the age of uninterrupted entertainment to buy branded content in way that is scalable, transparent, and opens the market to create previously unseen operational efficiencies.

With more than 25% of every day invested in work within the life of the average American, companies that empower the American worker to use their time more efficiently while increasing value creation at the same time across industries are those who will build our economic future. Eleven Digital, Inc. is one of the companies within the media, entertainment, and advertising industries through optimizing the way branded content opportunities are discovered, sold, and collaborated on across every distribution channel at scale. Branded content is the future of advertising.

Right now, consumers prefer content over ads in the age of uninterrupted entertainment. Therefore, brands must place their messages into content authentically at scale to reach their target consumers and generate revenue behind their products. ELEVEN Digital is building the marketplace for connecting owners/producers (“publishers”) of content to brands looking to tell their story across the captive audience, publishers have across every distribution channel.

ELEVEN enables publishers to transform how their branded content opportunities are accessed from buyers in order to streamline execution by the Brand and Agency through standardizing the pricing and products within our marketplace. We are going to make it easy for the Buyer (“Advertiser”) to see what seasons of a show are coming up with visual and textual episode information while matching against the audience that the Brand’s story needs.

Will Schmahl says it best, “ELEVEN is building the world first marketplace for premium branded content to make it easier than every before for publishers and advertisers to discover, purchase, collaborate, and measure branded content opportunities at scale across every distribution channel.”

Elkanah Reed