Winning in a Digital First World | For The C-Suite

TV ADS are not enough for brands who want to win marketshare with millennials.

This is how you win in a digital first world and harness the spending power of millennials.

ELEVEN knows that who you collaborate to create branded content matters.

It’s why we built our technology to drive down the cost of discovery for advertisers while at the same time creating operational efficiency on the sales side for publishers of branded content at scale.

AdWeek in June 2018 showcased 11 Branded Content Masterminds who are elevating the branded content game at scale. Shout out to Karen X and her agency Butterbar who have generated over 1/2 BILLION Video views from audiences online with branded content.

At ELEVEN, we believe Branded Content shares stories with target audiences at scale that drive a cultural impact.

Like AdWeek, ELEVEN want to highlight 11 Excellent Branded Content Executions.


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ELEVEN’s marketplace allows content owners and advertisers to unlock the power of omnichannel branded content powered marketing campaigns at scale.

For Advertisers - Reach your target audience wherever they are with content they engage with verses ads they ignore.

For content owners - Unlock economies of scale behind activating branded content campaigns across all your distribution channels while driving down operational cost to deliver unparalleled value to advertisers at scale.

ELEVEN is for those who want to win now.

Elkanah Reed