Millenials Are Different | For the C Suite

61% of Millenials view media on streaming services as their primary entertainment media vs linear tv (Pew, 2017).

This means 6 in 10 young people are missing the commercials you investment millions to produce and distribute in between networks shows on CNN, Fox, FX, MTV, ABC, Food Network, HG TV and Bravo.

Your target audience is consumer media in ways that best suit their natural habits. It’s time to update your media strategy to reach them with the right message, at right time, through the right distribution channel. 

According to Pew Research, “Not only are people’s pathways to information and entertainment changing, Americans are also interacting with media in new ways, thanks to always-on mobile connectivity. For instance, 85% of adults ever get news on mobile devices and more than half set up their devices to send them real-time alerts about breaking news and other activities, such as new social media posts by their friends” (Pew, 2017) .

Now that we understand that the millennial target audience media consumption habits are different.

Let us tell you what works best.

For millennials , Branded Content is number #1.

According to Forbes, “Millennials, in fact, are changing the entire face of marketing, and brands need to accommodate this new influencer marketing “thing” because Millennials are not to be ignored. They make up 25% of the population – 3X the size of Generation X and also larger than baby boomers. They spend $200 billions on an annual basis” (Forbes, 2018).

Advertisers should invest in media millennials desire to consumer. In 2015, Adweek published a study in which “57% of millennials state they are willing to view sponsored content from a brand as long as it includes authentic personalities and is entertaining and useful (Forbes, 2018)”.

ELEVEN helps you optimize your media spend for millenials.

Let us show you how.


Elkanah Reed