How to scale branded content | Views From Real Players in the Branded Content Industry Vol 1.

Once Gene Yraola joined our advisor board after a successful stint at Madison Square Garden Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Columbia records, I knew that Eleven Digital, Inc was building a message that resonates with every member of the branded content supply chain. Gene joined Eleven because content creators can streamline their production to align with brands expectations. We both knew that one of the biggest problems around scaling branded content sales is aligning content production with brand expeditions. Eleven Digital quickly discovered, after engaging with executives at Fortune 500 organizations over the life of our company, that by bringing every member of the branded content supply chain into 1 easy to use system you can scale win-win relationships in a healthy environment.

Eleven Digital builds efficiency throughout the branded content supply process for publishers to create a win-win scenario for maximizing sales while ensuring the expectations of advertisers are met.

According to Gene, “this makes Eleven Digital a GameChanger.”

At Eleven Digital, our mission is the heart of our company.

Our heart for the branded content industry is to create a win-win environment for both publishers and advertisers that consumers enjoy at scale.

Now more than ever it is essential to get consumer, advertisers, and publisher into a win-win-win scenario.

Right now, Millennials represent $200B worth of spending power in the US and 47% of them are not watching traditional TV. To add fuel to the fire, 59% opt for skipping ads on YouTube - which is there preferred distribution channel for content.

For Advertisers, this is bad news. Not only do they need to deal with the Billions of Dollars discovered in fraud in disruptive channels, Brands must figure out how to capture the attention of a generation of consumer that ignore ads.

However, hope is not lost. Eleven Digital, Inc helps you identify the signal in the noise of advertising industry. Millennials don’t hate ads. I am a millennial and I can tell you armed with data  we simple prefer communications from brands that are culturally relevant. We also prefer Netflix over cable. This is why, I say, “we are all in the age of uninterrupted entertainment.”

Now for the data. Netflix has more paid subscribers that traditional cable since Q1 if 2017. According to Forbes, “Up to 89% of respondents said that 5-second intros featuring a sponsor is mostly fine with them, while 87% do approve product placements in videos e.g. when an influencer demonstrates a product or shouts out to a sponsor.”

Now when I say branded content is the most effective way to scale your message with a millennial audience you need to believe me. Now Eleven Digital is here to help you scale the buying and brand content because we believe that —-

Now, Publisher we don’t leave you out. As Eleven Digital helps you unlock more demand for you inventory we provide you with the tech to efficiently meet the advertisers expectations.

Sign up for our beta and see the result for your self as a publisher or advertiser.

Remember, there is $200B in annual millennial consumers dollars for the taking. Eleven Digital makes sure your brand gets the necessary amount of share of mind to continue to succeed in the age of uninterrupted entertainment.