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Why is Marc the thumbnail on this blog post?

Its because content matters.

Content is just a cultural conversational system. Every piece of media produced as entertainment adds to our shared cultural conversation. When brands enter into an highly engaged stream content through ELEVEN, Advertisers become authentic members of the conversational system. Every target audience has a conversational system anchored in the content the love. I always say if you can understand the content I spend my time with the most, you can discern what I care most about. ELEVEN is your partner to discern what audiences care most about.

Content is what consumers crave.

Better content with Eleven yields better outcome in terms of driving consumer action behind your marketing mix.

A recent release of a study by Disney & Accenture indicates that video activates consumer recall to increase the viability of paid search. Disney evaluated $12 Billion in ad spend from 20 Disney clients from a 3 year period. Without the activation that comes form video, overall digital ROI fell by 18%.

What does this tell modern day brands about their marketing mix?

If your not using video based branded content, then you are missing an opportunity to activate consumers and leverage your SEO. If fact, branded content can help you increase the effectiveness of your ads beyond search and even on TV.

If you want to target an audience and engage them branded content is you best means of audience activation. Just check out what NBC did to encourage multi-plaform viewing of the olympics. It worked and it positioned NBC for how media will be consumed in the future.

Conumers streamed more olympics content than the last two olympics combined — to the tune of 2.71 Billion hours of content. All of these eyeballs should be marketed to effectively. However, new content needs to be developed.

Branded content is the most powerful form of media to get the audience brands need to drive consumers to action at scale.

Today TV viewership is in decline, but people are engaging with 11 hours worth of media a day. Branded Content gets your message in front of the right audience at the right time to drive the KPIs that matters most. 

Be where you consumer is with branded content that drives better results with ELEVEN.

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Elkanah Reed