Eleven’s 5c’s Approach

Cultures, Communities, Content, Creators, Causes

Eleven’s 5C’s approach identifies a brand’s “pivot points”. We seek overlaps between core audiences and desired audiences to segway a brand via a familiar entry point. We enable brands to literally pivot into target communities, with their core values (and core fan-bases) intact.


One thing that we use as our starting point is culture. There are tons of cultures, subcultures, countercultures, intercultures, the list goes on. Finding intersectionality between them is what we do first. If you start with this, you can connect the dots and land on your desired audience every time.


Once we identify the cultural intersections, We segment their desired audiences into communities of shared interests and other attributes.

 Core Community:: First, a brand would define their core consumer base - really define your consumers. What are their interest? Food? Fashion? Where are they consuming content? Youtube? Snapchat? Instagram? We use first and 3rd party data to give a complete profile of your core consumers and their online media consumption habits.

Target Community:: Let's say you want to target a new community with your brand messaging, all you have to do is define that audience, and everything that demographic is interested in will be factored into your channel selections.



By defining your core and target audiences are you are building a data set. The point here is to find common shared interest between existing consumers, and potential consumers, and introduce the brand where they overlap with entertainment.

We’re looking at all types of content attributes like:  

  • What’s being talked about?
    • Hair? Makeup? Fashion? Tech? Music?
  • What type of content is it?
    • Vlog? Podcast? Storytime video? Documentary? Web Series?
  • Where is it being shown?
    • Is it mobile? Desktop? Snapchat? Instagram?


Once Eleven finds what medium to put the content into, we have to find creators catering to that medium, that also matches the other criteria we mentioned. These creators will be making content in their normal fashion, but will find a way to insert the brand into the conversation and content.

Creators have to have synergy with a brand we pair them with, so we’re constantly taking in data from the creator and their content to build living breathing data sets that grow as we get more data about the creator from their content.


Here’s where Eleven changes the game. I believe Spice Girls said it best:

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
Make it last forever, friendship never ends
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is

Taking is way too easy. Brands now have a responsibility to help the communities they advertise to. If a community has any particular pain points, like for example, a shortage of representation in popular entertainment, Eleven pushes brands to recognize that issue and tackle it head on alongside the content creator and their community.

Not only that, but a portion of Eleven’s revenue go directly to charity, we challenge our partners to match us.