Eleven’s been trolling the interwebs basically storm chasing ways that brands can further integrate into pop culture.

Every now and then, we’ll come across things in passing that seem to just taunt us, as if to say, “Hey Eleven, You should be here”.

Lately, my girlfriend and I have been hooked on American Gods. She’s a really nerdy type, loves youtube countdowns, spoilers, reviews, recaps - all that Jazz. Almost always, these videos are literally content about content. The other day, I overheard a recap by GameSpot Universe that literally Thanked Heineken for sponsoring American Gods.

See 9:55  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QvaYMWFcSY&feature=youtu.be I

If the viewers didn’t catch it, the Recappers, Reviewers and Core audience members will. - Imagine if All the other Pop Culture Reviews around American Gods pointed that out, or if Heineken came and Backed this Channel. 

This is what we’re working to achieve at scale for any brand right now on Eleven.